I keep meaning to work on some sort of Gallery software

My Photography section is certainly lacking. I might take some random photos this weekend and post them, just for a bit of a change.

After a long summer of trying to get together for a movie (it really shouldn't have been too hard, since we both live in the same town), S. and I finally went out for dinner, and watched The Sum of All Fears. I really enjoy Ben Affleck. Most people I know (the guy's at least) hate him, but I've always thought he was pretty likeable. The movie was a little slower than I would have liked, and the 'suspension of disbelief' meter was cranked for some scenes, but I wouldn't deter someone from renting it in the future. It certainly wasn't as depressing as Lovely & Amazing, which I saw Wednesday.

You know, considering the nuclear explosion and everything.

20-something woman on cellphone outside of YMCA:

It should be noted that I added a Now Playing component. Hopefully I'll remember to use it as often as possible. If you see NP, placing your mouse over it should reveal what I'm listening to.. if you're using a browser that isn't down with that, you can click on the NP and you should get similar results.

One thing I really hate is when I write an email (in Yahoo usually), and then something goes wrong, and it doesn't send correctly, and I have to rewrite it. I really don't enjoy making a funny (to me at least) comment for the second time. It just seems forced the second time around.

Let's see.... Spoon exceeded expectations. I bought a copy of "Series of Sneaks". F. got me a copy of "The Rising". It's Kate's birthday. And also of great importance: Dooce is back.

Well the Chicago trip might happen after all. November 15th, Fountains of Wayne are playing in the windy city, so it seems like an opportune time to go (since they're not playing here, and the Detroit date is just inconvenient).

Tonight I'm seeing Spoon. I brought earplugs with me, because the last few shows at the Horseshoe have been a little too loud, and I doubt this will be any exception.

I want to scope out Caban beforehand (I received a 20% off voucher for next weekend) and maybe check out a used record store or two (still need the new Bruce cd).

I also have to meet up with F. at some point since he has Kate and I's tickets.

Does anyone know what the purpose of subscribing to a magazine is, if it constantly arrives in the the store before it arrives at your door?

On a related note (magazine is home decor related), having spent the last little while going over builder ceramics, cabinet and countertop picks, and the like, I've decided that, if feasible, I'd like to build/design my house the next time around. Anyone know what an architect charges for a typical house design?

Yesterday, The Osbournes aired on Canadian television. I'd already seen the first episode on a friend's satellite dish back in March. Since I 'd already seen the episode, I started flipping around. The Fugitive was on. I started watching that for a few seconds before flipping to the next channel. Imagine my delight when my dear dear friends Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa were staying back at me. I have a wee bit of a crush on Ms. Ripa. I had seen a commercial for Live With Regis & Kelly early this month and thought "I really should start taping that once in a while". Well apparently someone out there heard me, because now Regis & Kelly have gone primetime!! Anyone know if this is a onetime thing? Was it just a way to promote a bunch of new ABC shows?

Got a new keyboard here at work today. It's got volume control, and some internet functions. I can't get the play/pause/ff/rw keys to work in anything other than Microsoft Media Player (and only when the window is open). If it worked in Winamp, this would be a wonderful keyboard.

Tonight I finalize all the picks for my house. I really don't have a clue what I want still. I'll hit Chapters and take in as many design books/magazines as possible.

At least, with the building delay, I'll have a good 5 months to regret any choices I've made.

Hrmm, I wonder if I should add a "Now Playing: to the bottom of these entries. Since I am listening to something about 98% of the time.

Since Kate's updated her site, I figured I should do a little work too. I've updated the Listen section.