Internet connection was down all weekend

The number of library cards I possess is quickly starting to rival the number of email addresses I have. At lunch I stopped at the library in the town I work in (and will soon be moving to) and picked up yet another card. I was going to hold off until I actually moved, but I discovered I was entitled to one simply because I work here, and besides, they had a copy of Manufacturing Consent, so I figured why not.

I took a quick tour through the library and managed to borrow a copy of Field Commander Cohen by (who else) Leonard Cohen, so it was certainly a worthwhile trip.

Has everyone seen the new commercial (Hint: Click on the tv) from the folks at IKEA?

It's directed by Spike Jonze which might be enough reason to click for some people.

First off, Trading Space. The new designer, Kia, was a little dissapointing. More dissapointing than Ed from the previous week. Although, I'll let her do a few more episodes before I throw in the towel. She seemed fairly friendly, but I didn't like her room. There's also a new host for While You Were Out. Not sure why they got a replacement. I didn't particularly love the previous host, but at least she was cheery. This new one seems a little dull. I'm certainly not as impressed with WYWO as I am with Trading Spaces.

I've really got to stop shopping for cds when I'm bored. T. and I headed to the Hammer for a change of pace. I was hoping to find some home decor stores, but, failing that, we ended up in a bunch of music stores.

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A

Bruce Springsteen - In Concert / MTV Unplugged

Outkast - Stankonia

Gene - Libertine

Electric Light Orchestra - The Light Years

Prices for everything were great, so it was hard to resist. Wasn't expecting to ever find the Gene album used. Not even sure it's been released here before. Found a new store (to me) I hadn't known about before, that looks quite promising (lots of import stuff and my fingers didn't feel grimy after flipping through everything). So, 5 cds for less than $50.00, and the copy of Born in the U.S.A was new.

Sunday, my reserved copy of Lullaby came in at the library. I've always had some issues with Chuck's writing. I usually have to struggle through his books (I still haven't finished Invisible Monsters). But Lullaby was an easy and quick read. I'm sure someone's already got the movie rights, although I don't know how well it'd work as a movie. Since I seem to have grown accustomed to Chuck's writing, I might have to go back and try and tackle Invisible Monsters again.

I was supposed to take pictures this weekend, but it just didn't happen. This upcoming weekend, I'm going away, so maybe I'll take some then.

I think the Shoe needs to increase the size of its stage. Saliva seems to be a real problem, as the goddess of gloom and Kate both point out.