Enjoy responsibly

Friends were heading out, but there were two new episodes of Trading Spaces on, so I met up with them later. So far, I don't like the new guy, Edward (like him more than Frank though). His room incorporated a bunch of nice ideas, but nothing seemed to go together.

Oct. 30 - Sigur Ros - Massey Hall. I saw them last year, at the same place. They were great. But unless tickets are relatively cheap, I'll probably pass. Depends on the opener, I suppose.

Oct. 15 - The Mooney Suzuki - Lee's Palace. Very fun live. I'll probably try and see them.

Will this day never end? I bought "Things We Lost In The Fire" by Low. On Whitetail it sounds a lot like Catherine Wheel's Rob Dickinson is doing the vocals.

I filled up another card, so my next cd is free.

I'm going to go for another long bike ride tomorrow, if the weather permits. I also want to try and drag someone to see Sum of All Fears with me - since it's been at the cheap theatre for a while. Seems everyone's either already seen it, or hate's the cheap theatre (and rightfully slow - it's a dive)

Cat Power is playing Halifax, but skipping Toronto. What's with that? Maybe I should head to NYC Oct. 3rd and stay through the weekend.

I was at The Brick looking at possible kitchen appliance upgrades for my house after work yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I saw a bird flying low, and right towards me. Imagine my further surprise when I realized it wasn't a bird but a bat.

Free is good. F. (ya, I really think I need to use some sort of nickname system) and I went to see Signs which was pretty good. The final act was a little weak, but alas. I dig that Rory Culk.

After that we headed to the Shoe just in time for Allison Moorer's set. She's a little bit (okay, a lot) country, but certainly belted out the tunes well, and was pretty easy on the eyes. She was also quite friendly with her fans afterwards, signing autographs and drinking with them later. Her backing band was top notch too.

Marah's set was alright. A little loud and noisy. When they 'took it down a notch' (my words, not theirs) the music was more enjoyable. They certainly rocked out, and put on a pretty good show. They weren't selling cds at the show, which was probably a good thing. Too many cd's purchased in the last week as it is.

Anyone going to the Bright Eyes show at the Shoe? Rotate said tix were sold out, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. So I'm contemplating it. I'm still curious to see how they'll get a 15 piece on the Horseshoe stage.

The more I listen to these Marah mp3s, the keener I am on seeing them tomorrow. Definetly a Springsteen vibe happening.

Might do a bit of cd shopping tomorrow night, but things have been getting out of hand lately.

I was hoping to pick up a used copy of the new Bruce cd this weekend, but once again I was thwarted. I did manage to pick up a few others though. Bruce's first cd, "Greetings From Asbury Park", My Vitriol - "Finelines", The Jesus & Mary Chain - "Stoned and Dethroned", and "The Eminem Show" by, who else, Eminem.

T., F. (I might have to start using more than one letter for people - or maybe I'll start using symbols. This is the female F., as opposed to the male F. I've mentioned before) and I went to see City By The Sea at the drive-in. The plan was to watch the feature and then try and get over to another screen to see Swimfan (which we figured was better than Fear Dot Com, which was playing on our screen). Of course, the movie was sold out, so we didn't need to bother.

We ended up going to the actual movie theatre. Of course, we'd bought a big bag of chips and some pop for the drive-in, so I was given the task of making the bag of chips small enough for T's purse. Sadly, I had to do this while T. and F. were getting a tour of the fitness centre beside the movie theatre. I asked our tour guide if bringing chips and pop on the tour was allowed, since it seemed pretty cruel to the people working out for a relatively thin guy to be walking around devouring chips and drinking Vanilla Coke. But he assured me it was okay. I tried to remain as low key as possible.

After the tour ("Were you interested in joining the gym too, or are you happy with your pop and chips?" I couldn't answer because my mouth was full) we saw "Possession", which was a little slow. Certainly a departure for Mr. Labute.