Noise thread

Home Decorating and Other Lies gives a behind the scenes look at Trading Spaces. Don't forget the Changing Rooms Marathon tomorrow. Although, as a male, I get the impression I should probably be anticipating football, not a home decorating show.

I've been toying with the idea of doing a home/garden weblog kinda thing. If anyone is interested in contributing, drop me an Email. Or if you know of any sites that are already doing something along those lines let me know. I know of a few, but I'm sure there are more I am missing. Link via Freakgirl.

I'm guessing that Nick and Lisa Marie's 16 week marriage falling apart will receive 100 times the coverage that Elvis Costello and Cait O'Riordan's splitting after 16 years will get. Mind you, if I was Declan, I'm sure I'd appreciate as little coverage as possible.

I keep forgetting to mention that, as luck would have it, when I woke up Saturday morning and started sampling S,'s digital cable I ran across Michael Moore's The Big One. I really wasn't in the mood to sit around for 2 hours, but I've been having trouble finding somewhere to rent it, so I seized the moment. It was pretty good, but probably Moore's weakest documentary so far.

Someone posted a Jonathan Richman interview on his mailing list. I don't think there's an actual link to it, so I figured I'd share it here. It was about time I added an "extended entry" feature to this thing anyhow.

I forgot to mention the highlight of the trip.

White Castle.

Burgers that melt in your mouth.

Back a little earlier than expected from Windsor/Detroit. S. was acting a bit odd (and if you know S. you know if he's acting odd, he's acting real odd), and A. and I weren't really feeling the love, so we decided to head back tonight, rather than Sunday morning. The time we did spend there was fun. The snow/rain of Friday wasn't too bad. It never really turned into snow, and after about fifteen minutes of driving it cleared up pretty nicely. Made it to Windsor in 2 and a half hours. I think that's exceptionally fast. But we made it back in the same amount of time, despite stopping for tea and gas.

Got over the border pretty easily. The customs agent seemed quite intrigued by a band called Dismemberment Plan and waved us through. Detroit downtown was a lot better than I feared. Wasn't too worried about leaving my car (especially with the nice men hanging around the parking lot offering to watch it for me). Detroit fans seem a little more 'hipster' than fans at the shows around here. A lot of them looked fresh out of a "HOW TO BE EMO" magazine spread. First up on the bill were the Ex-Models, who were quite awful. The French Kicks weren't really what I was expecting them to sound like - but were pretty good. Of course, The Plan were great. Not quite as good as the show back in March, simply because Travis didn't play the keyboard with his head in Detroit. They played a few new songs. Lots more people on jasminelive stage for "Ice of Boston" at this show. Picked up the Juno/Plan split EP.

This morning A. and I headed back into Detroit. There's something quite depressing about driving down Gratiot St. while listening to Springsteen's Nebraska. We had to drive down 8 Mile to get to a Toys R' Us. It's definetly the invisible border between 'nice Detroit' and 'not-so-nice Detroit'.

I've filled my Winamp playlist with about 15 hours of music, and randomized the list. Didn't bring any cds into work today - I'm leaving early, and figured it would be an opportune time to give some of the mp3s I've neglected a good re-listen. Of course, all I've got playing in my head is Outkast, which I don't have in mp3 format - but do have in my car. The Dismemberment Plan Show is 12 hours and 350km away right now. Picking A. up from the train station at 3, grabbing a 22 cent Chili Dog and hitting the road.

I'm hoping this torrential downpour doesn't turn into snow.

No D to the U to the G for you

Got a son on the way by the name of Bamboo

Bad news

My brother just stopped by with some bad news. He's had my tv for the past couple of years, and apparently it died last night. So much for my one furniture/appliance that I actually own for the house. Hopefully I can get it fixed pretty cheap, otherwise I'll be reading a lot more than usual for a few months.

Whoever brought in the stuffed lion that plays "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (warning: sound!) seriously understimated the immaturity of certain people I work with.

When anyone of any superiority leaves the office, this place goes to pot. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing.

February is looking like it'll be a fantastic month for music. Nick Cave and Cat Power both have new discs coming out. And the fine people at Pitchfork News tell me that Massive Attack have a new album coming out in February as well. It looks quite promising (as does the follow-up they're apparently working on.

I spent last week patiently waiting for my Jonathan Richman "Surrender to Jonathan" cd to come in. I acquired it via the sometimes wonderful Ebay. I forgot all about it this week, so when I saw a package for me last night I was quite delighted. I had asked the seller if he had any other J.R cds to sell, and he didn't - but when I opened up the package I discovered he'd burned me a copy of two other Jonathan albums, ("I, Jonathan" and "Jonathan Sings" - he certainly likes to have his name in his album titles, doesn't he?). Nice Chaturbate people are great.

After work yesterday I met up with G. at his sister's place. I hadn't seen his sister since her wedding in July. Hadn't seen G. in a while either. I helped him fix his mother's computer, and then we went to see Punch-Drunk Love. I'd read a lot of conflicting reviews on the movie, but figured I'd probably end up liking it. I did. It was definitely my least favourite P.T Anderson film though. Sandler was good. I'm not sure it was as much of a departure for him as some made it out to be. P.T's use of music was great. I like when it dominates a scene.

This weekend I head to Rock City for a D-plan show. A. is coming with, which will make the drive a little more exciting. He's already stipulated that we must go to an American Wal Mart at some point. I haven't seen S. in a while either, and he's usually quirky enough to be pretty interesting.

The new Grandaddy website is pretty fun. Every page has its own animal, that when clicked on makes a delightful noise (a roar for the bear, etc.). There's even stickers and postcards you can download and print.

The Sophtware Slump is one of my favourite albums released in the past 3 years.

Something one doesn't see too often on Trading Spaces - the tucking in of the Trading Spaces shirt. I think tonight was the first time I've ever seen it done, and he kept it tucked in the entire episode.

I hope I never get a job where tucking in my shirt is a necessity.

Was going to see Tegan and Sara tonight in the Hammer, but a storm blew in making the roads a little too messy to bother with

Where was the hay room

Oh, and smiling seems to slow the aging process dramatically. Jonathan will be 52 next year, but doesn't even look 40.

I'm not sure what I did to my back last night, but it sure is sore this morning.

Also ran into an old school friend last night. Hadn't seen her in years. Kept expecting to run into her at a show earlier than this. Wish I had a bit more time to talk to her but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

The Jo Jo show was quite enjoyable. As quirky as I expected it would be. Kind of refreshing to be at a show where the artist smiles the entire time. Unfortunately they weren't selling cds, but I did pick up Badly Drawn Boy's new disc at Soundscapes. We showed up just as they were getting ready for an instore by Norway's own Sondre Lerche. So we stuck around for his brief set. I wasn't blown away by him, but he had a nice voice - might be worth keeping an eye on.

Just when I was beginning to remember how much I disliked the movie, the ads for Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones on DVD hit television. "Yoda Da Man" = Worst ad ever. Actually there are a few commercials on television lately that are quite awful.

The sad thing is, inevitably, I'll end up buying the movie.

Jonathan Richman show tonight. With Kate and possibly K. and one of her Jasminlive friends. Should prove to be quite enjoyable. Need to find somewhere to eat beforehand. Recommendations for dining in the Dufferin & Dundas area are welcome. Reading the Thai Table site yesterday has me yearning for Thai food. But I think the area is a mix of Korean and Portuguese cultures.

Frank is putting in a giant Columbia House order for me tonight. Three box sets, and a handful of cds. I like to think it'll keep my Boxing Day purchases to a minimum, but I think we all know it won't.

As much as I enjoyed the movie. I fear they could be ruining a good thing, if they turn it into a tv show.

Travis Morrison's list of Top 10 Musical Works (He) Like(s) That No One Else (He) Know(s) Does seems pretty likable to me. I don't think I'd list the Avril song on there. I don't hate it, but I wouldn't go so far as to deem it list-worthy. But who doesn't like Phil's (who has a new album coming out this month) "Against All Odds"? I feel sorry for Travis if none of his friends like that song.

I've pretty much switched completely over to the Mozilla browser. It's not perfect, but I love the tabbed browser feature, and it's quite good at blocking pop-ups.

This weekend was quite relaxed. I think I gave the cold a run for it's money, and it's cowered off in the corner. Slightly congested, but I feel pretty good overall. J.'s birthday Saturday, but I wasn't yet up to going out, so I stayed in and watched Trading Spaces. Doug's room was a bit dissapointing (I usually like his rooms), and he was being a complete , as usual. I understand his point, but I'm waiting for him to break out in tears or something. Hildie's room looked like it had been vandalized in the end. I wanted to stay up and watch Jay-Z on SNL but the Neo Citran won out in the end, and I retired to bed early. Anyone see him? Was it good? I heard something about a tribute to Jam Master Jay?

Sunday I picked up M. and we went to F.'s (the female F., as opposed to The Artist Formerly Known as F.) place. She cooked dinner in honour of J.'s birthday. Chicken. It was quite good. Although I have to admit, these quasi-formal dinners make me feel old.

Call from the builder today. An extra month to wait for my house. End of March now. Comes in nicely after my birthday though, so if I'm lucky I'll get a few more things for the house before I move in.

Cold seems to be improving, although I wouldnt't say I'm 100% just yet. Watching Mr. Show on DVD. Not sure I'm that in love with it, but it kills time. Finished The Lovely Bones this morning. Twas good.

Anyone else think Spoon's song, "Advance Cassette", sounds remarkably like Pavement?

After lunch today, L. asked if I'd marry her, and threw me a ring when I said yes. It's a good thing it's edible, because now it doesn't seem to want to come off my finger.

No one ruin it for me

The article is by one of my favourite authors, Thomas King. He taught at my University, but I never had the pleasure of being in one of his classes. Apparently he has had a new book out (Dreadful Water Shows Up) since March, but it appears to be written under a pseudonym.

A.'s back from out West. For good, it would seem. He emailed me this morning, and with little or no prodding I've managed to convince him to come to Windsor/Detroit with me next weekend.

I'm working on getting him to paint my house next. Hopefully he will be as easily persuaded.

Anyone have any experience with screen printing t-shirts? How are those screen printing kits you can buy?

Band t-shirts are too expensive, I need to start making my own.

What are the chances of my car (2001 Black Honda Accord Coupe) still being in the parking lot outside of the Magic Stick in Detroit after the The Dismemberment Plan show next Friday? I've heard some horror stories about Detroit (and I've seen Judgment Night) , but don't know what the area is like around The Magic Stick.

Anyone ever seen a show there?

I keep forgetting to think the inane details of my life! I just got back from seeing 8 Mile. It was all middle, but okay considering. Mekhi Phifer was good. He's the saviour of ER. At least when Don Cheadle isn't guest starring.

Quick trip into the library today. They were having their "1.00 / pound book sale". But it was 1/2 price day. I didn't get any books, but I did manage to pick up to cds (surprise surprise).

Julian Cope's "Peggy Suicide" and The The's "Mind Bomb". If is to be believed I should be quite happy.

Grand total for both discs? 70 cents.

Forgot to mention I managed to find copies of Talk Talk's "Spirit of Eden" and Yo La Tengo's "Ride the Tiger". Ride the Tiger was expensive for a used cd, but it doesn't turn up enough for me to complain too much.

I'm fairly confident I'll be going to see the December 12th Alanis Morissette show alone. Anyone care to prove me wrong?

Also, I taped The worst of Trading Spaces (click for pictures of Laurie's ) last night and am watching it now. It's kind of like watching a movie where you know something bad happens, but you don't know exactly what it is or how it comes about.

No one ruin it for me. :)